IOS 9 has arrived and, with this new software, you will see many new features. As in every major new software, Apple has hidden features, separating the experienced users of the normal.

With IOS 9, it’s time to disclose these secrets. The following are some of them:


1.      Zoom in the videos-it is now possible. With IOS 9 does not work just for photos, but also for the video. Just press your fingers on the screen during the filming.

2.      Hide photos-probably you won’t want all photos that appear in the Gallery to be viewed by anyone who uses the phone. So along with IOS 9, this problem is solved. In the Gallery menu, click “Select” and choose all the photos that you want to hide. Then, in the bottom left corner click “hide”.

3.      Quick selection of photo-with IOS 9 is no longer necessary to select individual photos. Just put your finger on the screen to select the first photo. Then, drag your finger to select all the photos you want in a single action.IOS 9


4.       Use of the battery-have you thought about what applications are consuming the highest percentage of your battery? Now you can get a detailed, thanks to IOS 9. Simply enter the menu “settings”, “battery” and then “battery use”. They can also be broken down according to time, using the “clock” button.

5.       Manually activate the low-power mode-sometimes, you may want to save energy long before your iPhone or iPad turned off due to lack of battery. Put the new low-power Mode to “manual”. For this, go to Settings General > > Battery > low consumption Mode and switch to “On”.


6.      Smart searches in Safari-enter a URL in the address bar of Safari and it will automatically trigger button “insert and access”, saving time. Similarly, enter any text in the address bar of Safari, and you will have a button to “enter and search”.

7.      Register Website as PDF-can be useful to save a site as a single PDF. Open the menu Safari Sheet share and now you will find ‘ Save PDF to iBooks.


IOS 9 from Apple has secret characteristics